Cycling Coaching Plans

Cycling is a great way to boost your overall health and improve your fitness. Whether you enjoy flying down a windy trail in the woods or participating in a local road cycling event, Phoenix Endurance will get you on track to achieve your desired results.

Phoenix Endurance focuses on:

  • Understanding the client’s needs.
  • Making sure you have the proper equipment.
  • Finding your proper training zones.
  • Setting appropriate markers to gauge your improvement.
  • Improving skills and overall efficiency.

Find the right cycling coaching plan to fit your needs.

Cycling packages and custom training available upon request.

Have additional questions on which plan is right for you?

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One-on-One Coaching
*Each session = 1 hour
One-on-one cycling workout
Training zones: Power and heart rate
Rating of perceived effort (RPE)
Cycling drills
Bike handling skills
Individualized strength/stretching routines
Proper gear for training and racing
4-Week Training Plan
*Monthly = Every 4 weeks
Initial consultation (one-time fee of $49)
Personalized cycling plan and workouts
Individualized strength/stretching routines
Monthly testing
Training zones: Power and heart rate
Power profile
Weekly feedback
Unlimited coach communication
Unlimited plan revisions
Nutrition guidance
Race day strategy
TrainingPeaks account
Computrainer Testing
/per test
Personalized heart rate, ventilator threshold (VT), rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and power zones without outside interruptions
Computrainer SpinScan Analysis
Anaerobic testing
Aerobic testing
Lactic threshold testing
Ramp testing
Detailed explanation of results